form-js table pagination supported?

I have created the form with table using form builder Form Builder |
I notice the json output dont have anything related to pagination.

Actually, what i want is how to config pagination table in json, so that i can use form-js library to render it correctly.

I have tried pagination: false , etc, but it does not work T_T

Hi @sir !

Thanks for your request. Are you able to share screenshots with us of both the table you configured, the input data, and the table config?

Maybe you just spotted a bug.


This is simple form with table field

And when i get the json file using “download form” button.
The json dont include the config about paignation.
“components”: [
“label”: “Table”,
“type”: “table”,
“layout”: {
“row”: “Row_0anqw22”,
“columns”: null
“rowCount”: 99,
“columns”: [
“label”: “ID”,
“key”: “id”
“label”: “Name”,
“key”: “name”
“label”: “Date”,
“key”: “date”
“id”: “Field_122wjgy”,
“dataSource”: “=Field_122wjgy”
“type”: “default”,
“id”: “Form_0ptaeuh”,
“exporter”: {
“name”: “form-js (”,
“version”: “1.6.4”
“schemaVersion”: 14

Hey there :wave:

This is the section which configures pagination at the moment. It is removed when you disable pagination.

Hope that helps,