Form variables not appearing - Timer start event


I added a timer to launch a BPMN process every minute.
I also added a few variables to the Forms tab with default values.
My problem is that those variables aint showing up when i am running a bpmn instance.

I added a test bpmn in which i am having the same issue.
test1 and test2 variables are not showing up when a process instance starts via the 1 minute timer.

Test.bpmn (3.2 KB)

Any insights for this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ivgi,
you added the variables to the timer start event (you can do this with the none start event, because the form which will show them is showed only when user starts the process).
If you want to see your variables, you have to add them to the user task named “Test”, and you will see them on the generated form of the “Test” task.
Timer start event just start the process, it won’t show any form.

Hope this helps.

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