Formatting Elements

I see in some examples that the arrows linking tasks in some cases are dotted. Can someone please explain how that is done.
When I select an arrow or Global Connect & click on the “Spanner”, i only get two option, neither of which is dotted [Default & Conditional Flow]

In BPMN the dotted connections and solid connections (or Solid Connection with a / on it) mean different things.

The large dashed connections indicate a message flow. These should always be crossing a process boundary. (Do not send messages from one point in your process to other points in your process)

The small dashed connections (with an arrow) indicate data flow. These indicate when data is going into or out of a data object or data collection. They cannot be used between tasks.

The small dashed connections (without an arrow) usually indicate an annotation pointer. This tells the reader which step to associate a note to.

Almost always Cawemo and Camunda Modeler will make the correct connections for you. (So much so that I can’t think of a scenario where it doesn’t… but I don’t know everything, so I’m hedging my bets)

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