Forms with modeler - calendar or additional javascript, select options from backend

Good morning,

at the moment I use xhtml-forms as embedded forms for my process. I think about to migrate to camunda 8 and use the modeler forms. I like the validation options a lot :-).

I would need the following components and want to know if it is possible to implenment now or in future plans:

  • feature from the forms sdk like selects which retrieving data from the backend like this:
<select cam-variable-name="PRODUCT_TYPE"

(Selects |

Thanks a lot for your answer,

Hello @NickiMueller :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it!

Currently, we are working on exactly what you are asking for:

  • Passing process variable data to (multi-)select fields for select options
  • Conditional rendering
  • More basic fields, such as date pickers

We expect to ship the first one throughout October.

If you have more use cases and proposal for components that you use in your forms, feel free to suggest them here!



Hey @NickiMueller,

last week was an update. In the current version with Camunda Platform 8.1 and with the Camunda Modeler 5.4.1 is the Options Source possible. :partying_face:

In the new version of Camunda forms use JSON instead of XHTML, so your component would now look like this:

  "type": "select",
  "key": "PRODUCT_TYPE",

Warning: The type is just now not the type of the variable, but the type of the component, in this case it is a select.

Have a nice day, JGS