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i need the some Informations about the activity of the community from Camunda BPM for my Thesis.
I want to look at and the official forum (this one).
On Stackoverflow i can get some numbers from Query Stack Overflow - Stack Exchange Data Explorer
Is it possible to get some numbers from the official forum too?
I only found Camunda Platform Forum where i can see activitys for each user.


which specific information do you need? Also please be aware that this forum is only active since March 2016. Before that we use a Google Group!forum/camunda-bpm-users.



i searching for something like: questions per day; posts per day; views per day; answers per day… something like this.
yaer i will consider that its a new forum.



the following are the stats for new topics and new posts per day for the period 07.03.2016 to 29.08.2016:

new-topics-per-day-2016-03-07-2016-08-29.csv (2.1 KB)

new-posts-per-day-2016-03-07-2016-08-29.csv (2.3 KB)


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Thank you Sebastian :wink:

I’m curious: What is your thesis about?

i evaluating the framework. and one point is the activity of the community. and its great to talk about some numbers :slight_smile: