Free Camunda 8 (selfhosted) without license / costs

Hello all,

is there a concept for a free way to use Camunda 8 comercially and productively self-hosted?
Some parts are so far chargeable (eg the Tasklist, Operate).

Is it possible to build the Tasklist yourself via the API or is there already a progress from the community?

Would it even be possible to use this sustainably free of charge?

Hello @lul ,

in general, zeebe is available for production usage unless you will not offer a process automation service. Please read about it here:

Also the zeebe clients can be used in production.

For Tasklist and Operate, there are community implementations in place:

Here, the sustainable usage depends on your own hosting and maintenance. For components provided by Camunda, you can file bug reports and contribute on github:

I hope this helps



Thanks for that.
If our company now uses Camunda in a simple process internally and possibly through self-development still external customers (eg. That a UserTask is confirmed) that Camunda 8 then so may not be used free of charge, right?

Then we have to fall back on the old Camunda 7 community version.

A Camunda 8 license is out of the question, because for the money you can also hire someone who in our case makes the automation pointless.

You can use Zeebe in production without a commercial license. Just not to offer “Zeebe-as-a-Service” (I call it: “everyone but Jeff Bezos” licensing).

You can’t use Operate, Optimize, or Tasklist in prod without a commercial license, but as noted above there are community tools that do similar things.


Thank you jwulf,
I have one more question about this:
If I don’t use the tools Operate, Tasklist (…) via the WebUI, may I use them productively and only use the API?

Or is this use not allowed?

(The way I read it is not allowed, but I ask again directly, because possibly I also understand it wrong and this question has already quite a big impact).

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Hello @lul ,

the APIs are directly bound to the applications, so there is no “headless” mode for them.

So you read it correclty.


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