FROM BPMN to State diagram

Please ,who kof the rules of transformation from BPMN model to state diagram, timing diagram

Can you clarify what this means, maybe use some images to illustrate what you’re looking to do?

My Master’s topic is to transform a BPMN model to aligned UML timing,communications and state machine diagram

What have you tried so far?
What exactly are you having problems with?

My problem is how to fine the rules of transformation

Hi Samar,

are you trying to do this as a conceptual exercise, or are you trying to do something like build and XSLT in order to transform a BPMN XML model into something like a Harel State chart?

Some hints to consider:
Tasks and receive events (wait states) are good candidates for both states, events and transitions.
Scopes and nested subprocesses are good candidates for super states.
Parallel fork is a good indicator of concurrent states.