Full Expression in Decision Tables

Hi Folks,

Why each cell in DMN Tables has to be full expression where as in the documentation and examples shown on the website, it has been mentioned that the half expressions works perfectly fine.

Just to make myself a bit clear, Let’s say I have 2 inputs
Input 1: I1
Input 2 : I2 and they result in Output : O

But if i have to specify something like I1>100{complete expression} in the documentation it is shown that i can basically go with >100{half expression} but that doesn’t work correctly when i executed the code in JAVA .

Any Help/Guidance shall be highly appreciated.


Hi @jatin

i already created several DMN tables by myself and the expressions in form of “> 100” worked perfectly.

Can you share your DMN table to see, how you configured everything?


Sorry for the delay man.
Can you help me with this.
PFA dmn diagram :
dynamicGenerated_new.dmn (3.8 KB)

I created this DMN via java code and not through modeler. Please help me understand why on deployment it is failing with :
DMN-01002 Unable to evaluate expression for language ‘JUEL’: '${cellInput >= 100 && cellInput <= 150}'

I am new to it and badly stuck on it. Any help how to achieve this via java will be highly appreciated.

Hi @jatin

i noticed the following:

your definitions-tag looks like the first one. If you create a new DMN-table from within the Camunda Modeler, the definitions-tag looks like the second one.

definitions xmlns=“http://www.omg.org/spec/DMN/20151101/dmn.xsd
exporter=“Camunda Modeler”

definitions xmlns=“http://www.omg.org/spec/DMN/20151101/dmn.xsd

I guess the major difference is, that you have an attribute expressionLanguage=“JUEL”. You should try to delete this entry and test it again.


But using java, i am not specifying any expression language explicitly.
Okay i will try and will let you know if it solves the problem but can you explain in brief what do you think is causing the real problem here?


I am able to deploy the same but camunda is not understanding half expressions like < 100 and Range like [100…200] is not getting evaluated.

Any idea how to go about it?

Jatin Mahajan


Do you have any logs or examples that show the behaviour of your examples?

I am not sure how can I show you but when i am entering the matching conditions, java is not adding it to the list of matching rules.
The number of matching rules is always 0.

PFA dmn : dynamicGenerated_new.dmn (2.6 KB)

< 100 and expression like that are not working for me.

With which input values are you testing your table?

Loading the table in the Camunda DMN Online Simulator seems to work:

(note that I changed the input expression for both input columns to an expression that does not contain a “.” in the name)

I am able to evaluate the same using Camunda DMN Online Simulator but using springboot i am unable to evaluate the same model. Can you try and check with java code if you’re able to achieve it?