Gateway after start event throws "No outgoing sequence flow"

Lets model start event folows X gateway

Then I get an error “ENGINE-02004 No outgoing sequence flow for the element with id”, even if I declare this variable at start:
POST /process-definition/{id}/start

It looks like a bug. My assumption is the process starting runs the same transaction as variables setting, therefore gateway condition expressions can’t touch it. If I put user task before the gateway, then it’s ok, because transaction ends before user task starts.

If it is not a bug so how to fix the issue without extra user task, also I can’t define a variable with a constant in a model?

Hi @pswrdf,
this must work fine. Could you please attach your BPMN file and the full stacktrace for the exception.

Replace {“value”:true} with {“value”:“true”} in request.

The problem occured because I override variables in ExecutionListener on process start. It executes after a process has started and variables already set.

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