Gateway Failure causes Process version to reset to 1 and Operate doesnt displays new processes

Hi Team,

We are facing an issue, whenever our gateway pods are down / or in failure state, our springboot client application fails to connect to zeebe engine (which is as expected). After some time when Gateway is up and we restart our client application, we observed that all our bpmn process flows were deployed to zeebe with version 1. Prior to this failure the latest version was 5. Now when I run any new processes in my client application, operate fails to display this process instance. Please advise.

Shilpa Chalke

Gateway failure**: If the gateway the client is connected to fails, nodes inside the cluster cannot send the response to the client.

which zeebe version is it for? Please share the helm values.yaml file too.

Hi @jgeek1 , I am using zeebe version 8.4.0.

I am unable to attach the values.yaml file here due to firewall issue. Any information from helm chart are you looking for ?

The above issue is also there in 8.2.4 version of zeebe

Can you paste the helm file here? Are you using any exporters?

yes elastic search . I have deployed our camunda pods on Openshift cloud. We created elastic serach cluster using elastic serach operator on Openshift

Did you try reproducing the issue locally? Without looking at the zeebe configuration, can’t share any thoughts on what could be going wrong.