Gateway XOR Unnecessary

Hi everyone,
I wanted to know if the XOR-gateway used in join mode in this case is needed or not, thanks.
The process starts, subsequently based on a condition (not specified in the picture), the “Task 1” activity is performed or no activity is performed. After the process must terminate.

Short answer of this question is: “It depends”

What is the particular use case? If it’s for documentation purposes, then the exclusive join can be a very important part of the model, as it shows the end-point of the exclusive paths.

If it’s specifically for execution, it might not be necessary. There are cases where it’s really hard to understand what’s going on without them… For example in Camunda8, due to a current limitation, instead of using Inclusive Gateways, a modeler has to chain Parallel Gateways with Exclusive Gateways – in this case, the exclusive join is pretty important.

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Hi @RufusPrau,

Yes, and mark the outgoing flow with no condition as default flow.