General functions and purpose

I wonder what the general function and purpose of Camunda is, as far as I understand it you are able to create and monitor processes with the help of Java classes and other programming languages. But is it comparable to low code platforms and has connectors to Excel and SAP and is it possible to send or recieve data within Excel or Sap via Connectors or is this only possible with java coding?

Hi Paulnien and welcome to the Camunda Forum!
Camunda is a developer friendly automation platform which uses various standards for process and decision notation.

Camunda focusses especially on enabling the developer. Therefore we are not in the “connector-business”, so there are no out of the box ones to SAP or Excel. Nevertheless, you can use a programming language of our choice to build such a things on your own and reuse them across multiple processes. Besides the development approach you could also rely on other RPA vendors and link them up with Camunda via the RPA Bridge.

Does this clarify your question? :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you for the answer.