Generate access token from postman/insomnia for self-managed C8 version 8.4

I’m trying to use the camunda REST API, I’m using camunda 8.4 running locally on docker.
I searched for camunda documentation and found content like this link: Authentication | Camunda 8 Docs
But nothing practical and specific for self-managed camunda, as the local camunda doesn’t even have a console.
Does anyone have any idea how to create a token and make requests to camunda’s rest api under these conditions?

Camunda 8’s core engine (Zeebe) does not have a REST interface at this time, you need to use gRPC to interact with it

If you want to use REST, you’ll need to use the Operate or Tasklist containers, which brings license requirements. Once licensed, you will also have access to Identity, which provides Keycloak services, including generating access tokens.
See also Authentication for Operate Self-Managed

Do you know of any links with instructions on how to generate an access token to consume tasklinst using camunda self-managed with postman/insomnia?

Something like Authentication and authorization | Camunda 8 Docs ??

After several searches I managed to generate the access token using insomnia/postman for the self-managed camunda 8. For anyone facing the same difficulty, I wrote an article explaining this subject and a little more:

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