Generate an SVG file from BPMN file

I have asked this question back almost a year ago and thought I had an answer but, the solutions suggested don’t appear to work.

From a Node CLI application, I want to read a BPMN file and generate the SVG file for that BPMN.

I have seen the modeller code in BPMN.JS but I don’t want to open a browser as my code is meant to be a CLI application, run from the terminal. I wouldn’t mind opening up a headless browser to perform the SVG Generation.

I don’t think the bpmn-to-image supports SVG but, I can’t even get the GitHub code to work.

I am a novice NODE developer but, getting better at it. I need just a little more than “Look at the xyz GitHub”, a short code example would be very helpful.

I appreciate this group for all the assistance I have gotten in my efforts to make Camunda work for the State of Michigan.

No, bpmn-to-image currently does not support SVG export. Please feel free to contribute to the project, either by creating an issue or via pull request as soon as you have a working solution.

I found out that example from does not work, but as soon as this pull request is merged it should be fixed.