Generic External Task - One Topic Name/One Handler on Multiple Rest Service

Hello, i need help with something. My goal will be to use External Task as generic. For example, in normal usage, there can be more than one topic and the job is executed in a handler specific to each topic.

Using the topic fields separately We know what the rest response is in the handler and we parse it and add the values ​​as a process variable and we use the variable in condition etc…

but in my scenario all workers just send a rest request and get a response, “singletopicname” as a single topic name and all workers/clients will subscribe to this topic. that is, all Service Tasks will have a single topic name. as if they were all doing the same job.

I will get the rest addresses and other parameters from the relevant Service Task Input Variable fields.

I will create a generic RequestMessage in the handler with the values ​​I get with the Input Variables fields and send the relevant url request.

I will complete for example (JSON)“VALIDATE_RESPONSE” externaltaskService.complete(task, VALIDATE_RESPONSE) by combining the response value that comes as json with the Service Task ID field.

then I will use the json value type variable in the process.

Has anyone used GENERIC EXTERNAL TASK before? Or does anyone have a good idea?

I need to set up a good logic. i need your help.