Get full list of type userTask of a given deployment

Hi all,

I’m trying to programatically get a list of all tasks of type ‘userTask’ for a given deployment or process definition. I need this to fill a select-box with all userTasks possible for a given deployment.

Is it possible when none of the tasks are ever executed before? (so history/runtime tables are empty)

I tried searching for a similar answer in the google group and here but no success.

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Hi @nvanbelle,

You could use the camunda-bpmn-model-api to retrieve the user tasks for a process definition. Therefore you can use Re pository#getBpmnModelInstance() and then you could filter for user tasks. This could look like this:

BpmnModelInstance modelInstance = repositoryService.getBpmnModelInstance("a-process-definition-id");
Collection<UserTask> userTasks = modelInstance.getModelElementsByType(UserTask.class);

Does it help you?



Hello @roman.smirnov,

This was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

    try {
        ProcessDefinition latestActiveProcess = repositoryService

            BpmnModelInstance modelInstance = repositoryService.getBpmnModelInstance(latestActiveProcess.getId());
            if (modelInstance != null) {
                Collection<UserTask> userTasks = modelInstance.getModelElementsByType(UserTask.class);

                result = userTasks
                        .map(t -> new OptionSelectDto(t.getId(), t.getName()))
                        .collect(Collectors.toCollection(() -> new TreeSet<>(Comparator.comparing(OptionSelectDto::getValue))));
    } catch (Exception e) { ... }