Get information from a completed Camunda form and send that information in a asynchronously service to SAP

Hello everyone!
I’m new to the world of Camunda, and I’d like to consult with you on the most viable way to send information entered into a Camunda form to SAP databases. In our company, we already have REST and SOAP services published by SAP. I’m not sure how to capture the information obtained from the form and then send it in the request to SAP. These services are asynchronous, their sole purpose is to send and record information in SAP. How could I set the variables obtained from the form to a connector or service task for this purpose?

Hi @Ana_Maria_Pachon - when the user task with the form is completed, the variables are available in the process. You can then use those variables to build a request in a Connector or job worker. I think the best first step is to start modeling a demo process with a form and begin experimenting from there!

hi @nathan.loding Thank you for your response,

I built a simple form in Camunda’s web modeler. The form output of the form is as follows:

“transfer_date”: “2024-04-30”,
“email”: “”,
“brief_text”: “Bank Transfer Request”,
“description”: “Bank transfer request for sterilization equipment area”,
“amount”: 75000

If I subsequently connect the user task to a service task, what expression could I use in the service task input to retrieve the form variables?

@Ana_Maria_Pachon - in a service task, you would use the input/output variable mappings to define what is passed to the service task. There’s an example on the docs page I just linked that should get you started.

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