Get input parameters from a script task


I use a lot of execution parameters in my process. (for example 10)
I have a script task in the process and I have defined 3 input parameters. In the script task I can use as execution.getVariable(“inputParameter”). Is it possible to get these parameters generally?
I am using groovy script and I would like to get the input parameters from a map/hash/list or any other format. I will not know the name of the parameters but I would like to check the values.
Example: The 3 parameters will contain boolean expressions and if the value is true I would like to add the name of the parameter into a list.

Thanks in advance: Gábor


If you look at the javadoc, there are methods getVariables(), getVariableNames() etc. Hence perhaps you could use these methods?



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I don’t understand what you mean by “generally”. Generally from what? Where would these parameters exist in the process instance?


I don’t know the name of the input variables. Example: input a value is
true, input b is false, input c is true. I would like to chek every params
an check which are true such as a map. I know that it is possible to get
the whole variable list but I need only the script task related inputs.

Regards: Gábor

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I still don’t understand where the variables/parameters are coming from. Are they part of a REST request? Are they process variables? I’d like to try and help you, as best my limited knowledge can provide, if I can understand what you need.


example.bpmn (3.7 KB)

I have uploaded an example BPMN. The Task_0ikf6d2 notation has more input and output parameters. It will be generated so I have no information about the exact names of the parameters.
My question is that is it possible anyhow the input/output parameters with Groovy.
I know that it is possible with JavaDelegate but I would like to get the execution parameters with Groovy and only that parameters which are belongs to the Task_0ikf6d2 script task.
I am not sure that it is possible but maybe :).

Thanks in advance: Gábor

Hi @Gabor_Sandor,

your groovy script still has access to execution, and therefore to all methods available in normal java delegate. I think in general this is right answer:

it’s also illustrated here:

Hope that helps,