Get Process Diagram returns "204 No Content"

Hello folks,

I have a small issue with the diagram of the process which is deployed in the Camunda server. In my engine of the camunda instalation this REST call “GET /process-definition/{id}/diagram” returns the diagram of the process and after restarting the server the REST call returns “204 No Content”, for the same process which is still deployed in the server. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue?



Hi @f_balinca,

which database do you use? The reason that came into my mind is that you use a in memory database and after restart, the process gets deployed again, but with a different ID.

You can either switch to file based database or use the rest call “GET /process-definition/key/{key}/diagram” with the process id from the bpmn file.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hello @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

I use the “h2” database.



Hi @f_balinca
Have you solved this problem yet?