Get tasks list by instance id

I am starting to use camunda 8 I want to get Task by instance id
Note i use camunda-tasklist-client-java and this helps me to get tasks only by assignee and task id .

Hello @Abdelrahman_Sayed ,

the tasks are queried using GraphQL. This is the object that is provided on task query:

As you can see, there is no filtering on process instances. Also, the task will provide no information about the process instance:

So currently, there is no way of finding the correct process instance for a task.
BUT, there are more people with the same requirement, so we will come up with something.


What is the alternative to that ?

the reason I needed this relation is because I need to keep track of processes to log it to the client. Is there any alterative way to establish?

Hi @Abdelrahman_Sayed,

Currently it’s not feasible to get tasks by processInstanceKey or processDefinitionKey. We have this item on the roadmap and will add those properties to public API.

I’ll keep you updated about the progress.


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