Get Tasks using Identity Links and Identity Link "type" property as request Body/Query Parameters

Using Get Tasks (,
is there a way to filter Tasks based on Identity Link’s type property?

As far as i can tell there is just

Only include tasks that the given user is involved in. A user is involved in a task if an identity link exists between task and user (e.g., the user is the assignee).

But this does not allow filtering by type.

Use Case:

You have a list of Tasks with various Assignees. You have Identity Links with different relationships (type property) that provide context to how groups/users are related to the Tasks. The third-party system that is using the API would like to use the Identity Links’ type property as context to what API endpoints/actions can be made on that Task.
Example: A group in the third party system is marked as the “Owner” group in the Identity Link, the third-party system would allow admin-like actions on the Task.

Sounds like a useful feature. Feel free to raise a feature request and/or provide a pull request for this.

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