Get the transaction list and history of task

We are working on camunda and we need some help to improve our situation.
Our questions are here :slight_smile:

Is there any way to handle these questions?

  1. How can we get the list of options the task can progress ? Is there any way to get the task transcation list from the camunda api?
  2. How to get detailed history of task in camunda API?

Hi @Suleyman_Eleman and welcome to the Camunda Community!

Probably the easiest way to explore the Camunda API and see what you can do, and the information you can get, is to start your Camunda Platform 7 instance with the --swaggerui flag so that you can go to http://localhost:8080/swaggerui and explore the API live.

You can check out the /process-instance/{id}/activity-instances endpoint for getting detailed information about a process instance’s activity.

If you could post more information about what you are trying to accomplish we might be able to give more detailed information about how to do it.

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Answer to question 2: Get Tasks (Historic) |