getStarted - no Diagram Tab in Tasklist

Hello friends,
I checked my project at the end of the started-scenario. There I noticed that the BPMN diagram is not displayed in the Diagram tab in Tasklist of the user John.
So I started the search of the mistake but did not find it.

The facts:

  • bpmn-file is in project-structure: src \ main \ java \ resources
  • all values are ​​set in reference to geStarted-manual (checked a lot of times)
  • steps of build: Run as / Maven clean -> Maven / Maven update -> Run as / Maven Install
  • redeploy on the apache successful
  • process started via user DEMO
  • no diagram in tasklist of user John

Can anybody help, please?

If you’re using the demo users, then you’ll probably find that the user john does not have permission to view any diagram. You can grand authorizations through camunda admin.

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Hey @Niall,
thank you for the answer which was correct. I expand the rights of the user john and behold, the diagram is for viewing available.

Thanks again and kindly regards. :slight_smile: