Getting Started Doubts

Dear All,

I am very new to Camunda and just started reading and trying understand it. As I am going through the documentation its getting more and more interesting to the dept of Camunda. Thoroughly enjoying this and appreciate the team for efforts and the wide coverage.

There are some basic questions I am having. Can you please help me with the appropriate study material or some basic clarification on the following

  1. How to initiate process from some other users, Also how to restrict process initiation by other group of users
  2. Pass on Data from one activity to another
  3. Lock data in form inside activity
  4. Forms using bootstrap to modernize and capture data into variables
  5. API to get list of pending activities
  6. API to get data of Activity details
  7. What happens to data when process ended
  8. Once started filling form, how to track what time the form elements were clicked individually
  9. Timer event understanding
  10. External event binding, pass on data from external service worker(node.js)
  11. What are listeners and other fields in task object
  12. Java delegate- more information on this
  13. Jule language, CRON language- some stud material
  14. How to send Email alerts
  15. Change Name of Application from Camunda to EBMR
  16. How to auto fill information of user example in service call for e-signature
  17. How to make sub processes and trigger one process from one to another
  18. How to use DMN
  19. Activate Authorization as default in application

Really appreciate you help and guidance.

There are a lot of open-ended questions here that would requires quite detailed answers

but also a lot that could be found by a simple google search.

To make it easier to answer maybe do a search first on your own, let me know what you’ve found and what you still need to know specifically and i can help expand on that.

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Dear Niall,

Thanks for a prompt response. Big fan of your tutorials on Youtube.

My apologies for the questions are more generic. I am really a beginner and too excited and too many questions. Can you please direct me to some sort of video series/book/resources which is a walk around of how to develop a complete and complex application end to end. It will be a great learning experience and many questions may be addressed.

Thanks & Regards,

Glad you’ve found the tutorials useful :slight_smile:

Almost all the information you’re looking for can be found either on the Camunda docs page or in the best practices guide.

Hope thats useful for you.


Thanks :slight_smile: