Getting 'zeebeClientLifecycle' error


I’m getting started with Camunda 8 (with little knowledge on Camunda 7). I generated spring boot application and added spring-zeebe-starter, zeebe-client-java and eze(for embeded approach) dependencies to my pom.xml.

Annotated my main class with Springboot annotation, EnableZeebeClient and Deployment annotations.

I like to use self managing zeebe client. So added following properties. = = true

With above changes I tried to start my application and I’m getting error :
Failed to start bean ‘zeebeClientLifecycle’; nested exception is io.camunda.zeebe.client.api.command.ClientStatusException: io exception

Could you please share your thoughts on how to resolve this error?

Thanks in advance!

Raju B

@Zelldon this appears to be a question related about connecting the client to eze. Can you help out?

Hey @Raju_B

Is really the setting you have? Then you you misconfigured the port. The last dot should be a :.

Hope that helps.


Hey @Zelldon

Thanks for your response.

Apologies, that was a typo in my post. I’m using (using ‘:’ in place of last ‘.’). My issue is not yet resolved, I getting same error.


Hey @Raju_B

how do you run EZE? Do you have an example repo or something to share? Currently it is not really clear to me how the setup is and what might cause the issues.