Going back on a Workflow

is there a way to make a workflow “go back” to a previous task?
Example: current workflow is waiting on “Test Msg”, is it possible to force it to go back to “Fetch Goods” in a backoffice/support action? I don’t mean to have a branch going back but as a way to correct something that went wrong on process execution as an exception.


Boundary error event that goes either to the Fetch Goods task, or to a “Refetch Goods” task, which is the same task-type, but with a custom header to indicate that it is a correction invocation.

If I understand your answer, I’d need to have the workflow prepared to “go back”. So, there is no way to force the workflow to jump back to an arbitrary task, right ?

No. Zeebe currently doesn’t support process instance modification as camunda 7 does


Ok. Thank you.

@Zelldon - since it has been more than a year, I would like to check if process instance modification is now supported in zeebe OR is there any github issue tracking its progress?



An issue has just been made: [Epic] Process Instance Modification · Issue #9570 · camunda/zeebe · GitHub