H2 db not created on v. 7.5.3 in WildFly 10

I have the full distribution with WildFly 10 running as service on CentOS 7 as wildfly user in /opt/wildfly/.
When the server starts the camunda-h2-dbs folder should be created where the db will be expected but the folder is not created an the server log shows an error which is:

javax.resource.ResourceException: IJ031084: Unable to create connection
org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Error while creating file "/camunda-h2-dbs" [90062-168]
java.sql.SQLException: javax.resource.ResourceException: IJ000453: Unable to get managed connection for java:jboss/$jboss/datasources/ProcessEngine 
Error getting a new connection.  Cause: java.sql.SQLException: javax.resource.ResourceException: IJ000453: Unable to get managed connection for java:jboss/datasources/ProcessEngine 
Services which failed to start: service org.camunda.bpm.platform.process-engine.default: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service org.camunda.bpm.platform.proces$process-engine.default: org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngineException: ENGINE-03018 Could not check if tables are already present using metadata.

So far when WildFly startes the first time with the deployment of the standard web apps it creates the folder camunda-h2-dbs an the files in it. I have checked the rights for the user and they are ok. Any ideas why this could happen?


could you describe the setup in more detail. Like what are the rights on the install location. How do you start the service (init script, systemd, manually) and as what user?

Please note that the h2 database is default configured as jdbc:h2:./camunda-h2-dbs/process-engine which creates the database in the directory from which the server is started. Maybe in your scenario a full path like jdbc:h2:/opt/wildfly/camunda-h2-dbs/process-engine is the better option.


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@menski thanks a lot the complete path did the trick!
Maybe it’s worth putting this into the doc for installing WildFly pre-packaged and manual installation.

Thanks for the feedback. I created a ticket for the documentation (CAM-6524).

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