handle end error event ,boundary errror event

in my process i can throw a BPMN error from java class , i cougth this error in sub process using boundary error event , and then i take flow to error end event , but its give this error
No matching parent execution for error code TECHNICAL_ERROR found

  <errorEventDefinition errorRef="TECHNICAL_ERROR"/>


Can you please share your model?

Please note that an error end event is used to throw an error. If I understood you correctly it looks like you are using an error end event to end the outgoing flow coming from the catch boundary error event whereas a none event is supposed to be used.

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HI, thank you for response
I have a subprocess containing various services. If there is ever an issue within these services, I want to trigger an error. To catch this error, I have added a boundary error event(in subprocess) that directs to an error event. Thus, it should trigger the error and terminate the workflow properly. ?

Simply, connect your boundary error event to a non-end event to end your workflow accordingly.


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If an additional error needs to be thrown, ensure it is caught either via an event sub-process or another boundary error event.

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