Having custom MySQL database along with camunda's MySQL in the same Camunda Spring boot application

I want to use 2 relational databases(MYSQL) in Camunda Spring boot application one for Camunda fields which starts with “act…” and other one to application use to save the variables. I have added the application.properties to use primary datasource (for Camunda DB) and other for application’s one as below:

#==== Camunda MySQL(primary) ======#
spring.jpa.properties.hibernate.dialect =org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5Dialect

#==== Application’s MySQL(secondary) for business use ======#
and added dbconfig file to pick these secondary properties

The real problem occurs when camunda detects both the MYSQL database and loads the camunda tables.But I want it to load in only primary db which is “camundapoc”. Please let me know a way to possibly avoid this problem and I would like JPA to load tables in mycamundadb based on the entities defined. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


are you really can built a database along Camunda’s tables?
how can you did that? because i want to have a datasource along Camunda’s tables

Hi @Gaurav_Mulay,
Me too I have a spring boot app, and I want to start first with camunda database, so I want to use Mysql instead of H2. I’ve replaced h2 dependency with mysql jdbc driver dependency, and configured application.properities file as shown here Mysql JDBC url
But I don’t know what to do next :thinking:
Thank you

I missed spring-boot-starter-jdbc dependency, please add it, in addition to the jdbc chosen dependency, and the configuration too (my comment above :point_up_2:). I’ve solved my issue through another topic (link below)