Having issues with Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed? Start here!

Having issues with C8 Self-Managed? Start here!

There are many variables that affect a self-managed installation - from the environment (local, GCP, AWS, etc.), to resources, to what services you are disabling or integrating with, and more. This can make it hard for others to assist with troubleshooting any issues you may have.

When asking for help on the forums, the more information you can provide the better. This is especially true when troubleshooting infrastructure issues, such as deploying C8.

To help kickstart troubleshooting we have created this quick checklist of the most common pieces of information needed to assist with a C8 Self-Managed question. Try to provide as much of this as possible when asking your question to speed up troubleshooting. Remember, the more detail you can provide, the better!

  1. What did you expect to happen? What did happen? Sometimes it’s not always clear what issue needs to be fixed. Sharing what you expected to happen, not just what did happen, helps make it clear what issue needs to be resolved.

  2. YAML configuration for Helm. If you are using Helm Charts to deploy your instance, please provide your configuration values, or at least the sections relevant to the service affected

    • If you didn’t use the Helm Charts, what installation method did you use? Provide as many configuration details as you can.
    • Make sure any sensitive values are masked or removed!
  3. What environment are you running C8 on? Are you running C8 locally or on a cloud provider, or perhaps on your own servers?

  4. What version are you running? What version of the Helm charts were used? If you have a highly customized configuration, what versions of the Camunda services (Zeebe, Zeebe Gateway, etc.) are running?

  5. Are all pods running? When you attempt to start your cluster do all the pods start? If not, which ones start and which ones fail?

  6. Error logs or stack traces. If the issue included an error log or output, be sure to include it in your post. Make sure any sensitive values are masked or removed!


Is it ok that after starting a process I need to wait about 5 seconds for getting a task by endpoint http://localhost:8082/v1/tasks/search? Currently I make request to that endpoint several times to get a task otherwise the response is empty

Is there any solutions?

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