Heatmap snap short

i want to send a email notification from cockpit where i will send the heatmap image and data for each process to concern team.I am using 7.10.1 enterprise versiom.is there any way to configure in cockpit to send the heatmap image and data.

Not in cockpit - But optimize might be able to do this.
maybe Fefe ( @felix-mueller ) can tell you more.

thank you very much for ur quick response .@felix-mueller please guide me how can i configure in optimize.if any screen shot document please share me.
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Hi @brajendra.kumar
Optimize allows you to create heatmaps for durations and frequencies for all the processes that you have in your camunda engine. You can create view-only heatmap reports or dashboards so that you can share them with other users via e-mail.
Additionally Optimize offers you to set up alerts on single numbers (e.g. duration of process instances or number of instances hit a certain threshold) in order to notify users via e-mail. Currently it is not possible to include a heatmap image in this alert.
In which situations would you like to automatically send the heatmap report to your end users?

Some screenshots here: https://camunda.com/products/optimize/