Helm Chart - Camunda Options on Startup

Hello Guys,

So I’m still trying to use a Helm Chart to deploy camunda to my openshift cluster.
My objetive is to remove the default Invoice App, and Niall already told me that i should use the following options to achieve this: “–webapps --rest --swaggerui”.

The issue is that inside my values.yaml, if i send just one paramater like “–webapps” or any other, it works.
But if i send 2 or more parameteres, it just crashes while creating container.

  name: camunda/camunda-bpm-platform
  tag: run-latest
  command: ["./camunda.sh"]
  args: ["--webapps --swaggerui"]

Do you guys have any suggestion about this?

Thank you.

I’ve been also searching on the internet and found that a possible cause was related to Windows End Of Lines and Unix end of lines.
Changed things to be written with a Unix Format, and still not working properly.

Anyone has a suggestion about this?

@salaboy @Niall
Do you guys have any input about this helm charts?
Thank you and apologies.