Helm chart existingsecret not working in auth section

Dear All,

Is anyone face a similar issue like me?
The section of auth says that if I add a value to existingSecret that will be used. But in reality it does not work unfortunatelly :confused:

        ## @param global.identity.auth.identity.existingSecret can be used to reference an existing secret. If not set, a random secret is generated.
        # The existing secret should contain an `identity-secret` field, which will be used as secret for the identity-identity communication.
        existingSecret: identity-password
        existingSecret: operate-password
        existingSecret: tasklist-password
        existingSecret: optimize-password
        existingSecret: console-password
        existingSecret: zeebe-password


console-password                     Opaque               1      31h
identity-password                    Opaque               1      31h
operate-password                     Opaque               1      31h
optimize-password                    Opaque               1      31h
tasklist-password                    Opaque               1      31h
zeebe-password                       Opaque               1      31h

In Identity UI the client passwords will be console-password,identity-password etc. Instead of value of console-password secret’s value, identity-password secret’s value…

Char version 10.0.2 (10.0.4 same for me)

Is there anybody advice regarding to this case?


can you confirm that these secrets contain the following fields?
The existing secret should contain an console-secret field
The existing secret should contain an identity-secret field
The existing secret should contain an tasklist-secret field
The existing secret should contain an operate-secret field
The existing secret should contain an optimize-secret field

Do you have your secrets in the same namespace(“camunda”)?
Do you see any difference between your manually created secrets and the helm chart generated?

Which one of the shared secrets is yours, name: zeebe-password or name: camunda-zeebe-identity-secret?

can you share the values file?

What if you name YOUR secrets like here Camunda 8 Helm upgrade | Camunda 8 Docs

“camunda-tasklist-identity-secret”, “camunda-console-identity-secret”, etc. ?

1 - Create a secret with a name like “camunda-tasklist-identity-secret”
2 - Change the value for existingSecret to camunda-tasklist-identity-secret
3 - Test if it helps

make sure that the secret value is available by path: .data.tasklist-secret

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