Help me understand the metrics in act_ru_meter_log


I have trouble understanding the metrics available in the act_ru_meter_log table.
Specifically the values around job acquisition and exection.

I have the following values extracted by summarizing value grouped on name_:

job-acquisition-attempt 16806512
job-acquired-success 6437442
job-acquired-failure 1736773

job-successful 13124100
job-execution-rejected 444287
job-failed 24091

I don’t understand why job-successful can be that much larger than job-acquired-success. Should it not have a max value of the jobs that were successfully acquired?


When a job executes and it creates new jobs that are immediately due, exclusive and in the same process instance, then the jobs are immediately locked and queued for execution by the current thread. That way they skip the acquisition cycle.


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That explains a lot and makes sense from a performance perspective. Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: