Help with uncolapsed - colapsed task

I have the simple flow below. As a newbie, I’m stuck.
I have a Collapsed sub process which I am trying to draw in its uncollapsed form. I want the output of the collapsed subprocess to be false if one of the “Exclusive gateways” is not Yes, otherwise, the output should be what was calculated in the task “Do only when 3 Yes”.


Personally, I would model this as a Business Rule task, rather than as a Collapsed Subprocess.

3 Inputs: Company Selected, CI Selected, Category Selected
Output: Do Additional?

Company Selected CI Selected Category Selected Do Additional
True - - True
- True - True
- - True True
False False False False

Then put a gateway between the Business Rule task and the “Do Additional” to determine if the Do Additional output is True, and direct the flow to “Do Additional” task only if it is.

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Super! Thx a lot!

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