Help with warnings in CMMN model

Hi everyone

I wonder if somebody can help me to find or fix some warnings in my CMMN model, the log is as follows:

Imported CMMN diagram with 5 warnings [warning]

no cmmnElement referenced in <cmmndi:CMMNShape id=“ExitCriterion_0ml8d1x_di” /> [warning]
no target referenced in <cmmndi:CMMNEdge id=“PlanItemOnPart_10b9xkf_di” /> [warning]
no source referenced in <cmmndi:CMMNEdge id=“PlanItemOnPart_10b9xkf_di” /> [warning]
no cmmnElement referenced in <cmmndi:CMMNShape id=“EntryCriterion_03prrm1_di” /> [warning]
no target referenced in <cmmndi:CMMNEdge id=“PlanItemOnPart_1l9r1sl_di” /> [warning]

I do not know what that warnings means, I tried to find the Id of each warning but I could not find anything and so I do not what CMMN element is generating fails

I really appreciate If you can help me to check the attached model

Thank you

CMMN model -v2.cmmn (173.4 KB)

I’m not an expert when it comes to CMMN but your diagram seems to have a few issues.

A CMMNShape, according to the spec, must have a reference to a CasePlanModel, a PlanItem, a DiscretionaryItem, an EntryCriterion, an ExitCriterion, a
CaseFileItem, or a TextAnnotation. These are missing in two of your elements:

<cmmndi:CMMNShape id="ExitCriterion_0ml8d1x_di">
  <dc:Bounds x="1343" y="-1079" width="20" height="28" />
  <cmmndi:CMMNLabel />

The issue with the CMMNEdge items seems to be similar.

Hi @philippfromme
I just erase the whole components from the diagram (see attached file) and the problem still continue appearing, It is weird because the diagram does not have any thing, it is in blank, but the log shows the same warnings when I open the model.
Any suggestion
Thank you
Diagrama de proceso de diseño SM -v2.cmmn (1.9 KB)