Hey Due Date! The end of the Time zone's hell for Camunda Due Date Calculations

Calculating tasks and processes due dates is a common problem in many organizations, however, solutions to this problem tend to be decentralized and duplicated among different processes.

Hey Due Date! is a one-stop-shop solution to the entire organization’s processes/tasks Due Date calculation needs. It can deal with very different calendars structures embracing:

  • Globally distributed offices working on different shifts in different Time Zones
  • Daylight saving time
  • Weekends, holidays, and other non-business days
  • Partial business days
  • Overlapping shifts in different locations

Hey Due Date can be used as an external API or a dependency on your own Camunda project.

Camunda project sample using Hey Due Date as a dependency: hey-duedate/samples/camunda at main · francav/hey-duedate · GitHub

Camunda External Task Sample using Hey Due Date API: hey-duedate/samples/camunda-external-task at main · francav/hey-duedate · GitHub

Hey Due Date can read custom Business Calendars formats through Business Calendars Data Providers. hey-duedate/heyduedate-calculator/src/main/java/com/victorfranca/duedate/calendar/provider at main · francav/hey-duedate · GitHub

A Business Calendar is a structure that holds information about different location Business Hours, Partial/Non Business Days, Daylight saving times, holidays, etc. Example: hey-duedate/calendar-sample.json at main · francav/hey-duedate · GitHub

Can you give us a hand with our MS365-Outlook integration? hey-duedate/heyduedate-outlook-calendar-api at microsoft-graph-js-client · francav/hey-duedate · GitHub @StephenOTT

Camunda process where hey due date is invoked with a service task and then used on a Human Task

Developers, test analysts, and business users can verify how Due Date is calculated using the heyduedate-react app[hey-duedate/heyduedate-react at main · francav/hey-duedate · GitHub]

This is a gift to the community; I hope you enjoy!

@Maria @luca_celine


Thank you @victorhugof for your contribution! We love problem-solving gifts :smile: Especiall when they solve something that most companies face: dealing with time zones in distributed and global teams!

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It’s my pleasure, @Maria

@victorhugof Awesome work was done. Kudos to you :tada:

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Thanks @aravindhrs