Historical process in Camunda Cockpit


I am using Camunda 7 with spring boot. Now for security purpose, I would like to know the details of the below.

  • Disable all the REST API and the process engine will only be accessible from java code.
  • Any other access control available to camunda cockpit.
  • Also I run some sub process with Call Activity -Parrallel Multi Instance mode. Now I want to spawn separate thread for each of the process or like to set max thread count.

Please suggest.

Please suggest.

The webapp comes with the frontend and it’s own REST interfaces … those cannot be disabled if you still want to use the cockpit, but they are by default secured so they are not publically exposed.

If you do not want to provide a public REST api, just do not add the camunda-bpm-starter-rest to your application, that will be enough.

Thread spawning: no idea, sorry

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Any other access control available to camunda cockpit? I dont want to share the admin credential to the users and would like to create few users by default who will have limited access.

Any documentation on this.