History-cleanup job is blocked

Hi Folks

I’ve configured camunda engine to cleanup history by removal date. Generally it’s working but in cluster wildfly 14 cleaning jobs has been failed with message:
“ENGINE-03005 Execution of ‘UPDATE EverLivingJobEntity[ecd76a76-f430-11eb-af80-005056a62478]’ failed. Entity was updated by another transaction concurrently.”
Job has been repeated and history has been cleaned but last session created about 4k records in act_hi_job_log.
I’ve found corresponding errors on Camunda: https://jira.camunda.com/browse/CAM-9964 or maybe I wrong?
It has been fixed in commercial version 7.10.5 and next version 7.11.
Upgrade to next version it’s difficult because it required upgrade wildfly too.
Maybe exists some workaround this issue without upgrade Camunda engine?

Camunda Platform 7.10, Wildfly 14, DB Postgres 11.