History/detail performance

I’m having some performance problem using the history/detail rest api endpoint.

Troubleshooting the situation, I noticed that the camunda rest api generated query uses a subquery with distinct over the ACT_HI_DETAIL forcing oracle to do a FULL SCAN over this table causing a high cost to perform the query, this table have more than 8 milion registers (not a production environment).

That subquery could be replaced by the process instance table, what would improve the performance like a charm.

I’m using the version 7.7, but I culdn’t find any issue related to this, so I don’t believe that a newer version solve this problem.

Anyone knows how could I avoid this subquery in this version? The latest version corrects this issue?

Thank you.

Hi @Joao_Paulo_Braga, which endpoint did you call?

Sorry about the late reply. The endopoit was history/detail.

But I identified that the camunda versio 7.8+ solved this problem. I’m working on upgrade the camunda version.
Thank you.