History level of Junit test

Hi there,
can u please help me with creating of Junit test for Camunda 7.5 version? I have created a new simple Junit test like this:

public class HandleSaleOrder {

    public ProcessEngineRule engineRule = new ProcessEngineRule();

    @Deployment(resources = { "test.bpmn" })
    public void testTerminationOrder() {
        final ProcessInstance instance = runtimeService().startProcessInstanceByKey("test");


And I have got this error:

Assume.assumeTrue("ignored because the current history level is too low", hasRequiredHistoryLevel);

which u can find in ProcessEngineRule class. I have tried to put an annotation :

In camunda.cfg.xml I have this level:
<property name="history" value="full" />

Also I have tried to change value of history to “Audit” or “None” , nothing happened. Still the same error isssue and Junit test failed.

Can u please give me a hint how to repaire it?

Thanks for help.


Lukas P.

Hi Lukas,

sorry but I can’t reproduce your issue. If you don’t use the annotation @RequiredHistoryLevel then you should not see this error. Can you please provide your complete test using the template.

Best regards,

Hi Philipp,
i have found the root cause, it is typical german issue, you are expecting that everybody is using the same structure. The root cause is the you are using junit 4.11, but we used 4.10, my recommodation is to put some information after every your changes on main page in github, what dependencies have been changed between previous and current version. Thank u for your help and your time, have a nice rest of the day :slight_smile: , please close the issue