How Camunda Engine access Delegates

Hello all,
I am very interested how the Camunda engine access my delegates ? I mean that my delegates is located into my war file and how the other application (camunda engine app.) access it.
My question is because I want to make the same thing.

For example I have 5 Application in my setup.

  1. Task management system (Web App - UI), developed using Angular.
  2. Task Management backend application (Spring Web Application (war)), for retrieving, comping, updating, assigning tasks.

First application must have access only that second application. Using REST services.

  1. Also I have multiple (For example 3) different business process application (with BPMN files and delegates). these are also spring web applications. All these application using 1 shared process engine into 1 tomcat web container.

My problem is that how can I access from Task Backend application to process application’s components. for example from TMS’s @Service/@Component to other process’s @Service/@Component.

How I see Camunda does it without any problem. It can access my Delegate which is also usual Spring @Component.

Somehow I want that TMS must be proxy for all process application. I do not want that UI app communication with multiple different API’s.

Maybe this question is not related to Camunda, but when I realize that Camunda already do that, I thought to post question here.

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Hi @paata,

You start investigating here: And as it is open source, you can clone the Git repo and inspect the code with your favorite IDE.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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