how can I compensate a call-activity when the parent activity failes?

I have a main process which contains a transaction and has compensation events defined properly for each service task in case of failure. but now I added a call-activity also of type transactional. but the issue is when the parent process is failing at any step after completion of the call-activity I do not know how to trigger the compensation of the call activity.

Hi @Hesam_Karimian,

Could you please share your process?

this is the main flow which calls the other flow and I want them be transactional.
so if after completion of the call-activity if any error happens then I want the call activity get compensated as well.
I hope it is understandable as I can not put more that one picture here.

Hi @Hesam_Karimian

What do you mean by

I can’t see any compensation handler associated with the compensation boundary event in the above model.