How can I create secrets in self-managed camunda 8?

I have Camunda 8 running locally in Docker, I simply need to know how I can create secrets, there is this link Manage secrets | Camunda 8 Docs that shows how to do it in SaaS but not in self-managed we don’t have the console, so how can I proceed?

Hi @Domingos_Dias
There is no built-in feature for managing secrets in self-managed Camunda 8. You could use external secret management tools like HashiCorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, etc.


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Serious? How complicated, this way I will have to use the secret keys directly in camunda as I don’t use any of these platforms like Azure etc.

Hi @Domingos_Dias ,

You can find the documentation about secrets here: Configuration | Camunda 8 Docs
I hope this clarifies how you can use secrets in SM.

I found this topic, it solved my problem How to access secrets file value from BPMN file in Self managed Environment