How can i get external task file and store locally in camuna

I need to get external task file and store to camunda locally. i have get all the string fields using rest api, but file not working for me.

Suggest me, how can i get external task file to store camunda locally or where its stored external task information in camunda like database(h2).


please rephrase your question I don’t get it.
What do you want to achieve?
What do you mean with external task file?
Do you want to complete an external task, which has a file as variable?
OR Do you want to get the variable of the completed external task?


see this link -> How can i get file via external task in camunda i have same issue.

I have issue in get external task files. for example user1 sent image to user2 via base64_encode after that i need user2 sent same form to user1 via service task, that external task i get only string fields, not file type information.

suggest me how can i get file type information via external task or get file type data form database and store to local or custom database location.

HI @Rajkumar_E,

I am not sure what you mean by type information, but you can always add extra fields to the response of external service which indicates any meta information that you want.

One more thing on accessing files, is that although it’s possible to serialize file in a string, I would suggest that you pass a URL to the file in your response from external service, which is then processed somehow in the engine.


If you have the luxury of integrating the Apache Camel “add-on” (via JBoss/WildFly etc)… it offers a rich set of file handling components. I’ve had good luck with seamless integration between Camel and Camunda - and, this integration didn’t require a special, branched Camunda version. Simply makes itself available - though requires additional dependencies in your maven build.