How can i handle runtime exceptions? ( ProcessEngineException )

Version - Bpm Run 7.18

How can I specifically handle errors on the process? I’m not talking about bpmn error. What I’m talking about is exactly how I can specifically handle the error that will be received in the execution of the script on any condition, so that the flow does not return a wait state by itself. I want to run some code by intervening. I simply need an “Exception Listener” similar to “start listener”. I also need to get the information on the process. processInstanceId, executionId, variables etc…

do you have any ideas?
best regard.

@Rasim_Savas If you’re writing a rest api (i.e., spring boot) using camunda java api’s, then you can use RestControllerAdvice to catch and handle the exceptions thrown by process engine.

thank you for response @aravindhrs ,



What I am trying to do is exactly, combining the following two approaches. I need to use runtime errors like bpmn errors and direct them to the relevant steps on the process.

any idea ?