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Real estate financing application
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The customer always makes the financing request directly to the bank (without the intermediary of a
financing) and always get the answer directly from the bank.
When the bank’s finance department receives the customer’s order, the bank must record the
potential customer. Then the bank’s finance department must check the customer’s financial health.
with the specialized federal agency, whose internal procedure is not known. Furthermore, the department of
The bank’s financial analysis must verify the client’s proven earnings. These two checks must be
performed in parallel to streamline the process. Subsequently, the responsible department must carry out an inspection in the
immobile. Based on these three checks, the funding department must decide whether funding should be
approved or denied, and the customer is duly notified. If the funding is approved, the department of
insurance must carry out the calculation of three different insurance proposals from the financing so that the department of
financing presents them to the customer, who must choose one of them and return to the bank at his choice.
This bank offers a promotion that its decision must be made public within a week. every week
that the decision is not disclosed, a 0.5% reduction in the interest rate must be applied, if the financing is
finally approved.
Once the customer receives the approval notification, he must accept or reject it, directly to the department.
of bank financing. If the bank’s finance department receives confirmation from the customer, the
legal department must prepare the draft financing agreement, which must be sent to the customer for
revision. In parallel, the insurance department must prepare the draft financing insurance contract, which
must also be sent to the customer for review. Both contracts must be sent together by the department
of funding. Once the customer returns with their acceptance of the contracts, a date must be scheduled for
that the contract is signed between the parties.
Finally, the finance department submits a disbursement request to the finance department. When
this order has been handled, the finance department informs the customer directly.
At any time during the financing request process, the customer can inquire about the status of the
your request to the bank’s finance department. In addition, the customer can request the cancellation of the
order also at any time. In this case, the finance department must calculate the interest rates
request processing that the customer will have to pay for the service already provided, which depend on how far the
request process has gone, and communicates them to the customer. The customer can respond within two days with a
cancellation confirmation, in which case the process is cancelled, or with a cancellation withdrawal, in which case
that the process continues. If the process has to be cancelled, the bank may need to cancel the contracts issued
or even already signed and, as a last resort, cancel the disbursement already made