How can I start a process from an external application?

I am trying to start a process using an external application made in jquery and html, through POST, however do not start the task, I am following this manual:

Normally there is no need to start the task “manually” - that’s how the flow works. Do you have any dedicated process definition? When you use jQuery and POST requests, the REST API Reference is pretty helpful:


Hi efrain,

is it possible to start the process with the camunda tasklist?
Could you upload the js part of code that starts the process?


In short, it’s possible to start a process from anything that can send an HTTP POST request to the Camunda REST API. This request may contain a payload which can be used to create initial process variables. The basic form of the URL is shown in the example below. You would substitute your process name for “myTestProcess”.


The content type is: application/json

If you want to set some process variables, you can use a payload in the request like the following example:

    "variables": {
        "myTestString": { "value": "I am a test", "type": "string"},
        "myTestInteger": {"value": 12345, "type": "integer"},
        "myTestBoolean": {"value": true, "type": "boolean"}