How can i trigger run process instance existed?

Hi, everyone, i have process instance existed, and i deploy it through Camunda Self-managed.
i have research webhook connect to start event but it doesn’t display Url like note below. Is there any other way?

Hi @BevisDev, welcome to the forum! To view the information in Web Modeler, you need an enterprise license. However, the Connector Runtime has a /inbound endpoint that you can query that will return all the inbound Connectors, along with the URL/address.

hi @nathan.loding
Thanks for response. and i still have 1 issue
when i execute operate api, it’s successful

and i copy -curl and paste into postman, it’s failed

i have researched, it’s need to authorize,
i call api to get access_token

and i set access_token to header with type Bearer and send like below:

it’s unauthorized.

@BevisDev - have you configured the client inside Identity? Does it have permission to the Operate API?

I’m deploy Self-managed locally and i use identity for authorization by Keycloak existed. So i can’t have access the client inside Indentity.
i am following below:

and i just only have have list ports below:

i have read guide Installation and first steps | Camunda 8 Docs
and i don’t unsdertand how can navigate with “localhost:8080”?

Hi @BevisDev - Identity is Camunda’s “front-end” for Keycloak. With the Docker configuration you shared, you don’t need to make any changes in Keycloak. Everything you need for this is inside Identity. Inside Identity, you’ll have an “Applications” tab. Create a new Application, select the appropriate authentication type (there’s a tooltip with a link to more information), and after it is created you can assign permissions to APIs.

localhost:8080 is just a url - type http://localhost:8080 in your browsers address bar!

Great!. thanks @nathan.loding so much.
sorry for bothering, but how can i call rest api to start process instance existed through rest API using Spring boot?
i have simple bpmn:

and simple spring boot application, just import denpendencies

both version are 8.4.0

i want to use Postman send 1 request to Spring Boot then Spring Boot use rest template call api to start process existed which i have deployed and started by desktop modeler before. i don’t want to use webapp.
i have seen Operate and Task List Rest Client, it doesn’t have api to start process.

Hi @BevisDev - you can start process instances by calling the Zeebe gRPC API CreateProcessInstance command. It is not a REST API at this time. You can use the Zeebe Java client in your application to interact with Camunda, however; you can also use our spring-zeebe integration since you are using Spring.

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