How can i use != on camunda 7 dmn?

Camunda uses FEEL as an expression language for Camunda 8 and DMN. You can read more about it here in the docs.

But to answer your question if you wanted a not action you’d use

I’ve tried not(name) but when I enter a value other than Madrid, its gettin this error
Cannot instantiate process definition karyawan_absen:16:a46f5239-e5c9-11ee-be06-54e1adce0ff0: condition expression returns null: result is null
i want value other than madrid, result is false

You need to do something like this:

how can i use if not(“Madrid”) and not(“barca”), other value than madrid and barca the result is false

All the functions you’ll need to know are in the docs - specifically this page. and if you want to test our your feel expression to make sure it works. you can use the FEEL Playground

okay thanks mate, appreciate it so much